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As an expert eCommerce Strategist in India, I collaborate with D2C Brands and help them grow their business with my tailormade strategies that generate high revenue.With collaborative spirit and a knack for problem solving, I am your trusted partner in helping you achieve your Business goals. Beyond strategy, I create highly creative and user friendly websites that can enhance your digital presence. Let’s not forget social media, I got that covered too! Together we’ll take your brand to new heights.


What I can offer as an eCommerce Strategist

E-commerce Strategy

Maximise eCommerce growth and enhance customer experience with our effective eCommerce Strategies.

Paid Ads

Maximise  your reach, minimise your costs! Our tailormade paid ads campaign bring targeted customers to your website, ensuring optimal ROI.

Website Development

I build websites for eCommerce brands and Businesses. As a website Developer, I specialise in creating WordPress and Shopify websites which are highly creative, fast and user friendly.

Social Media Management

Let your audience know more about you! We prepare Brand specific content and effective campaigns that attract your audiences through various social platforms.

Why you should hire me as an eCommerce Strategist in India?

I’v helped major eCommerce Brands 3x their revenue as an eCommerce Strategist in India

As an eCommerce Strategist, I have closely worked with major D2C/eCommerce Brands and helped them triple their revenue with my effective Facebook, Google, and Website Optimisation strategies. I have been able to target the brand’s potential audiences and customers which resulted in higher sales and business growth.

If you are looking to take your eCommerce Brand to another level, let us chat about how I can help you grow your  business through my effective eCommerce strategy and tools.

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My 4 Step Process as an eCommerce Strategist in India that can help my clients scale their  Business

As an expert eCommerce Strategist in India, I have worked with D2C/eCommerce Brands and helped them scale their revenue by 3x or more. These are the steps that I implement for effective marketing that has achieved results for my clients and hopefully yours too.

Check and Optimise Website Performance

Performance of an eCommerce website is entegral for their business. I check key metrics like website loading speed, responsiveness, navigation and identify areas for improvement. By optimising a website, we can improve their customer’s user experience, which increase conversions and boost revenue.

Improving user experience of the website

A great user experience in a website can result in higher conversions and sales for the business.  I work closely with my clients and study about their brand’s vision, mission, its target customers and then use these information to add those contents necessary for the customers that can guide them to buying their products.

Optimising Social Media

Optimising social media is vital for businesses. It helps in increasing brand recognition, fosters connection with customers and helps targeting more easily. I help my clients with setting up their social media in a more systematic way and consult them on the contents they can post on their platform.

Implementing Paid Ads

I specialise in creating highly converting creatives and campaigns that bring high conversions and revenue for the business. With Paid Ads, I can help you standout from other businesses and target customers by targeting and retargeting them by fully utilising a brands potential.


What our Clients say

Enthusiastic and dedicated, Azeem was a standout student in our Digital Marketing academy.                                                               Great thing about him is the way he is committed to what he does and growth mindset. I am super sure that this guy will keep his footprints in Digital marketing industry in kerala.

Haris Aboobacker

Founder & CEO, Haris&Co

Azeem transformed our company’s digital presence with a top-tier website and strategic ecommerce integration. His professionalism and deep understanding of our business needs ensured a seamless process. I highly recommend Azeem for unparalleled web development and ecommerce marketing expertise. 

Mohammed Aslam

Managing Director, M3 Apparels



E-Commerce Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an eCommerce Strategist do?

An E-commerce Strategist is a professional responsible for developing and executing strategies that drive online sales and improve the overall customer experience on the platform.

How to Develop an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for Your eCommerce Business
  1. Define Your Goals and Target Audience. …
  2. Conduct Competitor Research. …
  3. Create a Content Strategy. …
  4. Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) …
  5. Leverage Social Media. …
  6. Implement Email Marketing. …
  7. Measure Your Results and Refine Your Strategy.
What are the three strategies for e commerce?

There are three major ecommerce strategies to consider: product strategy, customer relationships, and corporate considerations. Each of these must work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for your brand.

What is the success rate of e-commerce in India?

It is studied that only 2.86% of visitors actually convert to loyal ecommerce customers. Even a slight boost in the conversion rates can significantly impact the company’s revenue.

What is the most successful form of e-commerce?

Business-to-Consumer (B2C): The most common form of e-commerce, and the one you have likely engaged in the most, is business-to-consumer.


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An expert eCommerce Strategist and Consultant in India who has worked closely with many D2C Brands helping them achieve significant growth.